186 Publishing are currently open for submissions*

Read the information below in full before forwarding your manuscript to info@186publishing.co.uk

* Poetry submissions for the Tremaen Press imprint are generally by invitation only, unless you can demonstrate a strong track record including previous publication, major prizes, mainstream media appearances.

  • Submit your novel in full as a Word attachment** to info@186publishing.co.uk.  Also attach a one-page word document outlining the plot.
  • Your email should list the number of words in your novel (no novel should be less than 65,000 words, sci-fi should be 100,000) and explain what category it fits into, for example, crime, romance, historical, thriller, humour.
  • We offer industry-standard terms.  We are not a vanity publisher.  We will notify you if your book is not accepted for publication but are not able to give reasons for rejection.

**If you don't want to pay out for Microsoft Word, you can use the free OpenOffice alternative, but make sure that you save your document as either .doc or .docx