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Emma Fuji is the only Human on a vast alien spaceship. When someone starts sabotaging ships, Emma must prove that Humans are not responsible, or we’ll lose our place as the newest members of the galactic federation called Concord – and with it, our future.

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“[her work is] beautifully achieved,  vocative and tender with such a strong feel for the brilliance of each minute inside passing time."  Helen Dunmore


186 Publishing are delighted to announce our new poetry imprint, Tremaen Press.  We are fortunate to have secured as our first author one of Britain's most treasured poets, Linda Saunders. Her latest work is a mesmeric collection of poems, using the lens of wildlife and human stories to explore mysteries of time and mortality, the gifts and losses of a long life lived in rapt attention, issues of love, life, family and the day when “I shall walk away from myself”.

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