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May 1900 - Rose, sixteen, says she'll never marry.  Escaping her destiny in domestic service, she works in a bookshop, owned by charismatic Leonard Pritchard, and enjoys strong female friendships.

Her relationship with Leonard deepens, awakening her fears about the fate of women.  Then unexpected trouble strikes.  What can Rose do?  Will she ride the storm?  

Turtle Crawl

Rose Summer leaves her failed marriage, her home, her shop, even her dog and returns to the only other place she felt happy, a tourist town on the Florida Keys. She meets Kurt, a wanderer with a tragic past of his own. These two wounded souls can find happiness again, but only if they can overcome the obstacles that life throws at them.

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“[her work is] beautifully achieved,  vocative and tender with such a strong feel for the brilliance of each minute inside passing time."  Helen Dunmore

The sequel to The Testing of Rose Alleyn...

England, 1920.  Rose Pritchard finds herself caring for her husband and her brother, both veterans of World War I. 

This story of enduring love and of a troubled wider society finds many echoes in the world of today. 

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Constable Lloyd Pratt, not quite the pride of Girlston Police Force, suspects organised crime lurking in every shadow.  But when Lloyd's blundering attempts at crimefighting bring him into contact with a pair of desperate bullion robbers, his inability to grasp reality gives him the chance  him to succeed where Special Branch fail.  Although he never quite understands at what.


This beautiful and heartwarming book blends romance and humour, with just a hint of magic.
Following a mail truck after he gets seriously lost in rural Washington state, Kevin Calenda finds himself in a tiny, remote town that has no phone service, no Internet, no regular mail service (the mail truck is private), and a population of 32...


186 Publishing are delighted to announce our new poetry imprint, Tremaen Press.  We are fortunate to have secured as our first author one of Britain's most treasured poets, Linda Saunders. Her latest work is a mesmeric collection of poems, using the lens of wildlife and human stories to explore mysteries of time and mortality, the gifts and losses of a long life lived in rapt attention, issues of love, life, family and the day when “I shall walk away from myself”.

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"Chris Mason hits all the right places in terms of humour, romance, sorrow and loss"

"A distant voice in the darkness... So on the ocean of life we pass" - Longfellow

A chance meeting at university leads to a relationship that spans marriages, the world and the decades in this sweeping and fulfilling novel from acclaimed author Leela Dutt

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In a small town in Oregon, everyone wants to kill the local advice columnist, Mrs Bambi.  If only they knew who she was.

Mrs Bambi's advice is so snarky that people have long since stopped asking for it, so instead she eavesdrops on conversations and writes the letters herself.

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