"Only by the act of looking at it do we make an object's position definite. The paradox of Humdinger's Cat, we call it, after the physicist Gerhardt Humdinger who lost his cat and then claimed he never had one in the first place."

Bettony Gullivant has taken a break from her boring office job and her broken relationship and gone on holiday to Cornwall. There, she stumbles across a strange, deserted village and a marooned alien spaceship disguised as a toilet block.

Book One of the Sputteridge Chronicles

Emma Fuji is the only Human on a vast alien spaceship. When someone starts sabotaging ships, Emma must prove that Humans are not responsible, or we’ll lose our place as the newest members of the galactic federation called Concord – and with it, our future.

Publication Date 4th December

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Book Two of the Sputteridge Chronicles is now in preproduction... watch out for Poisonous Reptiles

(The book, we mean, although obviously you should do that anyway.)